From Scary Beasties, the multi BAFTA Award-winning app developers, comes Clods Wallup, a brand new and unique tile-based action puzzle game.

“The Great Clods Wallup has shattered the world. You must guide your beloved Clods to safety by shifting the land beneath their feet. Avoid traps, work magic and steer clear of the mouths of hungry Wallups as you make your way through 144 fiendish levels.”

Key features:

  • Unique hexagonal tile-sliding gameplay mechanic

  • 144 levels of fiendish puzzles and challenges

  • Guide 6 different Clod types to safety, each with their own unique traits

  • Avoid 6 species of hungry Wallups, all set on eating your defenceless Clods

  • Master the intricacies of a huge range of tile types from grass, water and rock, to shattering ice and smouldering lava

  • Trigger magic and traps by connecting mystical runes

  • About Scary Beasties
    Scary Beasties is a multi BAFTA winning app developer specialising in games.

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